The Future of Chemical Sales: Generative AI and Sustainable Product Portfolios

Jacqueline Wasem

In the chemical and materials industry, generative AI sales tools are revolutionizing the way businesses understand and leverage their sustainable offerings across growing product portfolios.

Consumer awareness around sustainability is at an all-time high, and their purchasing decisions reflect this shift. Since 2020, 60% of consumers have reported they’d pay more for more eco-friendly product options (McKinsey & Company). 

Generative AI sales tools empower chemical companies to meet this demand head-on. Let’s explore how these cutting-edge AI tools can improve your sales, champion ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) initiatives, and empower technical sales teams to compete on the global stage.

Sustainability & the Chemical Manufacturing Industry: A Complex Playground

In chemical and materials industries, product portfolios are vast, diverse, and continuously evolving to keep up with the changing customer demands driven by new ESG trends and standards. CEOs, board rooms, and investors are calling upon their technical sales reps and marketing teams to promote sustainability initiatives and grow the market share of new sustainable product offerings.

Technical sales teams are on the frontline of the initiative to drive sustainable product sales growth. They face the mounting challenge of keeping up with the changing make-up of their product portfolios, the release of new sustainable product substitutions to offer customers, and entirely new lines of sustainable product offerings. On top of all this new information, technical sales reps must also remain informed on how to market and position these products to meet ever-changing customer needs. 

Corporate initiatives are driving intense focus to successfully leverage new sustainable products. It’s a daunting task for even the most seasoned technical sales rep. 

Enter generative AI — the ultimate game-changer.

Understanding Your Sustainable Product Portfolio with AI Precision

Generative AI tools excel at sifting through vast amounts of data to provide valuable insights, knowledge, and content for users. For chemicals sales teams, this means gaining a granular understanding of the complete product portfolio in real-time without spending hours manually sifting through their organization’s outdated product finder tools.

AI algorithms and Retrieval Augmented Generation quickly analyze data from various sources — including product brochures, technical data sheets, sell sheets, market trends, customer feedback, subject matter experts, and competitive analysis — to offer a comprehensive view of the product landscape.

Tools like Nesh Sales AI help technical sales reps make strategic decisions by unlocking precise insights on the most valuable product options for every client’s unique sustainability need or requirement.

This level of insight empowers sales reps to:

Identify Market Opportunities — AI tools can pinpoint emerging trends and market gaps, enabling sales teams to focus on high-potential products, customers, and markets.

Optimize Product Positioning — By analyzing customer preferences and competitor strategies, AI helps sales reps fine-tune their product positioning to better resonate with target audiences.

Enhance Customer Insights — Understanding customer behavior and sustainability preferences becomes easier, allowing for strategic sales approaches that accelerate the technical sales cycle.

Driving ESG Product Sales With Generative AI

Growth in today’s chemical industry hinges on the ability to adapt and innovate to meet new ESG requirements. GenAI sales tools designed for the chemical industry act as a strategic ally, offering actionable insights that drive these growth initiatives.

GenAI delivers the information technical sales reps need to gain a better view of their sustainable products. From there, the technical sales rep leverages GenAI-powered insights to make strategic decisions that move sales cycles forward. 

Promote Sustainable Products — AI analyzes environmental data and consumer preferences to identify opportunities for promoting sustainable products. This could mean supporting long-term customers with alternative product options before a competitor encroaches, capturing new opportunities with existing customers as they try to meet sustainable demands from their enduser, or even targeting new customers using less sustainable products from competitors. 

Ensure Regulatory Compliance — Navigating the complex landscape of environmental regulations is challenging. AI tools help ensure compliance by continuously monitoring regulatory changes, assessing the environmental impact of products, and suggesting best-fit products for a sustainable use case. 

Leverage Competitive Intelligence — Staying ahead of the competition is crucial. AI continuously monitors competitors, providing real-time updates on their strategies, product launches, and market positioning.

Competing on the Global Stage

The global marketplace for chemicals is highly competitive. To thrive, companies must leverage every advantage at their disposal. Generative AI sales tools offer practical, time-saving ways to address the changing intricate needs of buyers.

Spotting global market trends, GenAI solutions make it easier to tailor your sales team’s strategies across different regions. With the click of a button, they can get incredibly granular with regional data to adapt marketing strategies and product offerings specific to location and audience. Organizations can scale their portfolio by identifying the most effective ways to expand into new markets, ensuring smart, sustainable growth.

The Future of Sustainability in Chemical Sales

Generative AI sales tools are not just an upgrade to the technical sales process. They’re a catalyst for transformation in the chemicals industry. 

Sales AI solutions like Nesh offer a continuous stream of industry and product expertise. By harnessing the power of AI, sales teams gain a deeper understanding of their product portfolios, drive growth through strategic initiatives, champion ESG efforts, and compete more effectively in the global marketplace.

As the chemicals industry continues to evolve, generative AI tools become more necessary. These tools provide the precision and agility companies need to navigate complex customer demands. 

Ready to Elevate Your Chemical Sales Strategy?

At Nesh, we harness the power of generative AI through our innovative Sales AI platform to transform your sales approach in the chemical and materials industry. 

Discover how Nesh’s cutting-edge technology can streamline your technical sales strategy and prepare your team for greater sustainability demands. Explore Nesh and schedule a demo with our experts. Let’s shape a more sustainable, expert-driven, and profitable future together.

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