Ramp New Technical Sales Reps with GenAI

Jacqueline Wasem

What does the 90-day mark look like for your technical sales reps?

This unofficial line of demarcation, for many, is the “beginning of the end” of the ramp-up period. Reps are expected to have a solid understanding of product knowledge and customer base, and be able to troubleshoot with limited outside help.

In the case of QuantumChem Solutions, 90 days is just another day in the office because of their investment in generative AI. Leveraged during the training and ramp-up process, technical sales reps are able to up to speed much faster with access to real-time information from in-house experts and artificial intelligence.

In this hypothetical modern case study, we put one of QuantumChem’s newest team members under the microscope.

Let’s call him George.

The Challenge: Product Knowledge

George’s role, like many other technical sales reps, is to help meet the demands of priority customers — chiefly, Personal Care Group, a leading personal care and beauty brand.

Personal Care Group continuously seeks innovative specialty chemicals to meet its consumer’s growing demands for clean, quality ingredients and sustainable products. As a forward-thinking company, Personal Care Group relies on partnerships with suppliers like QuantumChem Solutions to provide them with the latest and most advanced chemical solutions tailored to their needs.

Suffice it to say, these accounts can be a tall order — especially for new team members. While George brings over a decade of experience in technical sales and service to the team, he is still new to QuantumChem’s expansive product portfolio. Mastering QuantumChem’s product portfolio is a challenge even for veteran team members as the R&D team continues to add new products to meet increasing ESG demands from customers like Personal Care Group.

Rather than have George and other new sales reps try to drink through the firehose of information, QuantumChem implemented Nesh’s generative AI platform to help bridge the gap and accelerate the training process.

“I had only been with the company for a week or so when I got my first real taste of the power of Nesh’s platform,” George recalled during an interview. “Late in the day, I received an email from Mr. Personal Care Group himself asking which product was better – BioExtract or BioAbsorb? Before responding, I sent an email to Judy, one of our product knowledge experts. At my old company, seasoned product experts would help when they could, but we didn’t have a way to share product knowledge. So, I didn’t expect much.”

Where some would simply reply with a short email, Judy answered the Expert Knowledge Capture request within Nesh, listing out the different advantages of each product and how companies might choose one over the other.

“The next morning I simply queried Nesh again with my question and got a detailed rundown of each option, making it much easier to give a dialed-in answer to the customer. At that point, I knew that I was off to the races,” George boasted.

The Solution: Real-Time Information & Data

What George quickly came to realize was that through Nesh, the entire company’s collective knowledge was accessible in real-time. Over his first 90 days with the company, the platform has become an integral part of his daily routine.

Coffee With Nesh

When asked about ongoing training as a new sales rep, George immediately mentioned his “Coffee With Nesh.” These micro-learning sessions offer a great way for reps to expand product knowledge and get a better understanding of their company’s portfolio.

“The Product Recommender Solution is awesome,” he emphasized. “I usually focus on questions or use cases I’ve heard mentioned around the water cooler or during our morning sales huddle. Just a few minutes with Nesh each day gives me confidence when I am talking with my customers.”


Meeting customer needs is a key component of the technical sales rep role, and it’s one that QuantumChem champions. Accessing the right information to give an accurate answer to a priority customer is essential to building trust and growing the account.

While we were interviewing George, a call came in from Personal Care Group. They needed help troubleshooting the application of a particular product.

Reps without generative AI assistance might have panicked at that moment. George, on the other hand, queried Nesh about the issue and Nesh retrieved a troubleshooting guide with the exact information on ideal temperatures. George was able to share the guide with his customer and walk them through the process, resolving the issue in record time.

Competitive Research

During the morning sales huddle, George mentioned that Personal Care Group uses another supplier for a product that QuantumChem recently started manufacturing. He was then tasked with selling this new product to this account and started probing other accounts for additional opportunities.

To get a clear understanding of the competitor, George leveraged Nesh’s Competitive Benchmarking Solution to see how QuantumChem’s new product stacked up against the product offered by the competitor. The information allowed him to build a sales presentation to be used the following week when they were on-site at Personal Care Group and had a chance to sit down with the final decision-maker.

Alternative Product Suggestion 

Toward the end of the day, Coswell’s Care — another one of George’s customers — makes him aware of a growing problem. A material they use is backordered for months due to supply chain challenges.

They need another product from QuantumChem’s portfolio that can be used as an alternative. But there’s an added twist. 

Coswell’s team also wants to show their customers that they’re making strides towards greener products. With thousands of products in the company’s portfolio, George assures them he can find a product to meet their needs. 

Rather than throwing a dart, George’s first stop is with Nesh’s Product Recommendation Solution to find some alternative products. His prompt is simple and to the point: “Do we have an alternative product for BioExtract?”

With AI assistance, George quickly finds several suitable alternatives that can both be used as a substitute and reduce the client’s carbon footprint. 

To narrow down the selection process, he then taps into Nesh’s Product Comparison & Positioning Solution to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each product, resulting in him finding the best fit for Coswell’s specific needs. 

Improve Technical Sales Rep Success With Nesh

Embracing innovative technologies like Nesh can significantly enhance the success of technical sales representatives in today's competitive landscape. 

While George and the world that he lives in might be fictional, the tools outlined in this case study represent the potential day in the life of your sales team. These tools streamline sales training, improve customer service, and aid organizational growth.

By leveraging the power of generative AI, Nesh empowers sales professionals with instant access to comprehensive product knowledge, enabling them to address customer inquiries more effectively and build stronger relationships. 

Ready to equip every “George” at your company? Connect with our team for a free consultation and see how generative AI can influence your sales process.

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